Reinventing Emergency Lighting. Friendly with our environment and integrated in all architectonical scenes.

Our main objectives when facing an emergency lighting project are to achieve the maximum integration into any architectural environment and provide the installation of functional and operational excellence. These new families have been developed based on LED technology, high quality materials and Optoelectronic new developments that allow us make the most of all the light generated.


For us, every emergency lighting project begins in our project department, which performs thousands of calculations each year. There is a common philosophy among these projects that aims to reduce the number of fixtures to be installed so that they go unnoticed to give prominence to the environment in where they are going to be.
Generally, the engineer or architect responsible for the lighting gives us the details of the objectives he wants to achieve and we combine them with current regulations so that his project complies with the various directives and objectives of the lighting of the place.


The real challenge lies in balancing the need to comply with current regulations and not give too much prominence to this type of luminaires, which even though they are mandatory, we try to make them go as unnoticed as possible.
Given the enormous differences in the objectives of an emergency lighting project in different countries of the world, DAISALUX chose the development of its own software for the correct calculation of the mentioned projects, taking into account the particularities required for these tasks. With this tool, we guarantee a correct projection of the lamps, according to their photometric curves and resulting lux on the floor in an emergency situation.


Emergency lighting daisalux


The resultant of this preliminary effort in the project is a precise definition of everything related to the installation of the luminaires; place and way of placement, orientation and detail of each of the fixtures. The generated document contains all the necessary explanations and simulations so that our partner can enclose the document to his project.


The gained experience after more than 20 years applying this philosophy has resulted in the installation of our luminaires in some of the most important projects in the world, achieving different lighting aims


When faced with the calculation of a large installation, we offer the possibility of using luminaires with intelligent systems, which are able to communicate in different ways with a computer or central control unit. These fixtures are able to do much of the maintenance by themselves, greatly reducing the cost of these tasks.

In addition, thanks to the special software developed by ourselves, we can program the luminaires to be switched on and off, to install luminaires equipped with sensors or adapt safety messages to your requirements.

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