Emergency luminaires: Better if they go unnoticed.

It is better to manufacture an emergency luminaire that is invisible to the eye than produce a nice one or one that is noticeable. As designers and manufacturers of emergency lighting, we cannot deny that these appliances are secondary in the visual conception of a building, in a way that [...]

Emergency lighting efficiency: The value of a holistic approach

When it is said that a product is highly efficient, we generally only consider it in terms of energy consumption. We do not usually refer to its effectiveness and whether it accomplishes the marked goal. But when we talk about emergency lighting and signage, it is the whole installation what [...]

Reinventing Emergency Lighting. Friendly with our environment and integrated in all architectonical scenes.

Our main objectives when facing an emergency lighting project are to achieve the maximum integration into any architectural environment and provide the installation of functional and operational excellence. These new families have been developed based on LED technology, high quality materials and Optoelectronic new developments that allow us make the [...]

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Atria Series: Metropolitano football Stadium.

Emergency lighting in great spaces Supporters of the Atlético de Madrid have reasons to celebrate after their stadium has been inaugurated. Its name “Metropolitano” is a nod to the history of the club and to its former Metropolitan Stadium that hosted the matches of the Atlético de Madrid between 1923 [...]